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School District of Barneveld, Barneveld, WI



Barneveld, WI


School District of Barneveld




New 50mm multimode and 25pr copper backbone between buildings

Photo Credit: HSR Associates

This project’s genesis was the community’s approval of two separate referenda totaling $16.3 million. The first part of the project will renovate and expand a multipurpose gym and add new STEM and industrial arts areas. The second part to the project will demolish a portion of the existing school and will build a new elementary wing, music, and art spaces along with a new kitchen and common spaces. We will be installing 150,000 linear feet of Panduit CAT6 cable and connectivity throughout the addition and renovation. We will also install new 50mm multimode and 25pr copper backbone between the buildings to the new MDF and IDF closets.

Globalcom’s scope includes installing new security cabling throughout the facility, termination of all devices, and HDMI cabling and network between the teachers’ stations and the new smart boards.

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